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5 Inspirational Shower Designs for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Over the years I have noticed a change in shower designs; from spout to rain showers, water-less to eco-friendly and not forgetting the open outdoor showers with the fresh scent of nature. Whether your shower is in a buzzing city, quiet farm or resort; you want to start and end a day with a good one.

Here are 5 inspiring shower designs that could motivate your next shower upgrade.


image: www.fieltro.net

Colour is a great accent in a space, more especially a shower. This Cyan framed shower is a great play and contrast to the staggered white tiles.

image: www.notreloft.com

There is an African saying that I love, “Life is expressed through colour”. So don’t be shy to let the brightness of your life show in your shower.


Showerheads, mixers, knobs and fittings are no longer only available in metallics. I believe black is the new chrome and the linear effect creates artistic contours. The juxtaposition of light and dark is also immaculate when creating a monochromatic look and feel.

image: www.fieltro.net

No more water droplets lingering on these fittings.


https: www.axor-design.com

My personal favourite are open showers. I get a sense of freedom and my thoughts have their way. How comfortable are you in an open shower? *Chuckles*

image: www.axor-design.com

There are of course the technical aspects to open showers. I always recommend professional advice with the right plumbing fixtures. Position is also key. Look at this stunning open shower, designed by Philippe Starck.


image: www.phoenixdesign.com

The future of showers is exciting. “Rainfinity” designed by Phoenix for Hansgrohe, is an innovative shower with built-in digital tunes you can connect with the app, from your phone.

Showers have become fully immersive and sensory.

image: www.phoenixdesign.com

The integration of water, lighting, fragrance, and sound takes living smart to the next level.

image: www.phoenixdesign.com

If taking a shower was mundane, then those days are over with “Rainfinity”.


image: www.onekindesign.com

Outdoor showers are great in Spring and Summer, and more adventurous in winter. Being surrounded by foliage and the open air is the perfect way to be invigorated and inspired.

image: www.onekindesign.com

A shower in the sun is refreshing and exonerates you from a busy day.

image: www.onekindesign.com

Contemporary chic makes this shower disappear and look like a door, a great way to fool the eye.

image: www.architecturendesign.net

Now this loop shower can be placed about anywhere, which makes it a great design. It’s as innovative and as sophisticated as it looks.

Hope you are as inspired as I am, and may the shower you take truly be a marvel.

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